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Kosovo has made a series of accomplishments that should be recognized and accepted by the European Union

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The European Union’s enlargement strategy for Western Balkans Countries, published today by the European Commission, treats Kosovo asymmetrically and vaguely with regard to its European future, mentioning only the conditions and not Kosovo’s final station.

There is a series of accomplishments, which the European Union should recognize and accept, as a serious commitment toward making a fundamental progress in our country’s European path. With its new Government, Kosovo has promptly and efficiently implemented key priorities listed in the European Reform Agenda (ERA 2017), thus making significant progress in fulfilling the SAA’s general criteria. The government of Kosovo expected such progress to be sufficient in enlightening Kosovo’s path to acquiring the candidate status, as was the case with all other countries of the region, and that the Enlargement Strategy would be a fair opportunity and roadmap to all, and not list only criteria without taking stock of the results achieved.

While we are aware of the challenges lying ahead of us, it is of utmost importance that the European Union has a clear policy for Kosovo, so that we can advance in its integration process, without posing a threat to our common achievements and sustainable peace and stability in the region.  These were the expectations of the citizens of Kosovo, who expected to be treated equally as European citizens by the European Union.

However, we must emphasize Kosovo’s clear commitment toward the efficient implementation of the SAA, strengthening rule of law and relevant institutions, and good neighborly relations. 2018 will be the year when Kosovo, with its work and commitment, will obtain the candidate status and visa liberalization for its citizens.

06.02.2018 19:03