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MCC presents investment plans to the civil society

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21 April, Prishtina

The Millennium Challenge Office within the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo organized a roundtable with NGO representatives, whereby preliminary investment plans of the American Agency MCC in Kosovo were presented.

Organizations present in this roundtable operate in social and environmental fields in Kosovo, which are two fields covered by the planned projects.

In his opening speech, National Coordinator, Mr. Petrit Selimi, thanked the participating organizations for the help provided to the Millennium Challenge Office for identifying in Kosovo the potential fields for transformational investments for economic growth, reduction of poverty and creation of new jobs.

He informed that MCC team is already at the final phase of project planning. This planning is done according to the formal methodology used throughout the world, whereas in June is expected the formalization of the Agreement between MCC and the Government of Kosovo. This Agreement is expected to bring tens of millions of dollars in fresh investments for economic development.

 Selimi also informed participants that he has contracted an international company which is in the process of conducting Kosovo Labour Force Time Use Survey, with a focus on women.

According to Selimi, this survey, the first of this kind to be carried out in Kosovo, will include 10 thousands respondents (households), which are expected to provide extraordinary information that can be used by all groups of interest and institutions developing policies and strategies to address the unemployment problem in our country.

With regards to the low inclusion of women in the labour market, Mr. Selimi added: ‘The inclusion of women in the labour market in Kosovo is alarming. Our local experts and experts from Washington have ensured that all projects submitted for approval have careful elaboration on the ways for gender inclusion.’

Alban Zogaj, Chief Economist at the Millennium Challenge Office, provided a detailed description of the methodology for identification of main barriers of economic development and project design in the mentioned fields.

Violeta Rexha, Expert for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion within the Office of the Prime Minister, stated during her presentation that integration of gender issues at any phase of program development, ranging from planning, design, implementation and evaluation of project, was a process which guarantees equal benefit for women in each approved project.

Experts of the Millennium Challenge Office in Kosovo and representatives of MCC from Washington, during their numerous visits in Kosovo for the process of project design, have met with several hundreds of interlocutors from donor community, Kosovo institutions, civil society and business representatives.

Eligibility of Kosovo for one of the most innovative and transformational programs provided in Kosovo obliges our country to work and report on the achievement of high standards in good governance, fight against corruption and economic freedom.

Kosovo has been pre-qualified for MCC programs in December 2015, whereas first projects are expected to be approved and commence implementation over the next 6 months.

21.04.2017 15:35