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Prime Minister Mustafa: We are solving vital problems of the citizens, water, electricity, heating

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Pristina, 17 March 2017

Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, attended the inauguration of the new factory of drinking water in Shkabaj Pristina, from the functioning of which will be supplied with drinking water 24 hours residents of the Municipality of Pristina and Fushe Kosovo , meanwhile will benefit Podujeva , Graçanica, Drenas, Lipjan and Shtime municipality.

Before the participants, Prime Minister Mustafa expressed his satisfaction for participating in the promotion of one of the biggest investments in Kosovo that has to do with water, in this case the Regional Water Supply "Prishtina".
"It is great pleasure that we solve the most serious problems of the citizens, the water problem, the problem of energy that of heating, that have not only exacerbated Pristina as the largest municipality in Kosovo and the capital of Kosovo, but have become a burden to other municipalities as well, "said the prime minister.

Further, the Prime Minister stressed that by this is not only resolved the problem of regular supply of water to Pristina, but also the six municipalities that are related to the regional water supply, which will have more water, due to  bigger supply .

"I am particularly pleased, because I also had to deal with this five years ago when we prepared the documentation for this investment to be signed, to determine the structure of financing. I am glad that the Municipality of Pristina has fulfilled all its obligations in the amount of five million euros, the IPA program of the European Union, also Development Bank of Germany for 20 million and so, we managed to realize and be complete approximately within the foreseen timeline. Today, I take this opportunity to wish you, the citizens of Kosovo, Pristina citizens and especially to thank the German state, the German Bank, the European Commission for a very important investment, because there is nothing better than to citizens be provided water and their basic needs, "said Prime Minister Mustafa.

The audience with a speech were addressed the chairman of the Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli, Minister of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci, the representative of the EU, Nataliya Apostolova, deputy head of the German Embassy in Kosovo, Cristina Gehlsen, Director General of KfW Roland Siller, the mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti and Pristina Regional Water leader, Ilir Abdullahu.

Abdullahu, in his speech called the object of particular importance and one of the best in the Balkan region the new factory building in Shkabaj, thanking all the contributors who have made this project reach the final stage.

He also announced that the project which was inaugurated today is the continuation of the phase Pristina - the first stage, the second and third.

"With the release of work with the full capacity of this plant shall be achieved a steady supply of water for the residents of Prishtina, Fushe Kosova, Obiliq and indirectly will benefit the municipality of Podujeva and Gracaniça, but will also benefit municipalities which we manage, Drenas, Lipjan and Shtime. Before us are other challenges, such as treatment of wastewater plants, in order to have a much cleaner Kosovo, "said Abdullahu.

Kosovo government has provided 5 million euro for the construction of this factory.

17.03.2017 15:00