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Prime Minister Thaçi: Even though this issue is completely unfair and offensive to the state of Kosovo, the Kosovo Assembly should take the decision

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Prishtina, 17 April 2014

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, after visiting the medicine factory "TrePharm" has responded to media inquiries regarding the establishment of the Tribunal for alleged last war crimes in Kosovo. In regards to this, Prime Minister Thaçi stated:

“We met with Kosovo`s political spectrum, and we discussed with our international partners.

Whenever the Assembly Presidency proceeds with it, political parties will be present in Parliament and will review all possibilities to give an adequate, substantial and responsible response in relation to the state and the interests of citizens, in close cooperation with United States of America and European Union.

I have emphasized before, that between two options, now only one option remained. Although this issue is completely unfair and offensive to the state of Kosovo, the Kosovo Assembly should decide - stated the Prime Minister Thaçi.

17.04.2014 15:33

Daily Schedule

20 November 2017

 During the visit of the American Congressman in Kosovo Eliot Engel, the following events are foreseen:
1.Homage to the Memorial of the Jewish victims in Kosovo.

PLACE: Courtyard of Government of Kosovo
TIME: 07:45

2. The solemn meeting of the Government.
The media can take pictures and attend the solemn meeting from the Press Center.

Government Building
TIME: 08:00

3. Joint press conference of Prime Minister Haradinaj and Congressman Engel.

PLACE: Government Building
TIME: 09:00

4. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj attends the conference on launching the Millennium Challenges Foundation in Kosovo.

PLACE: Swiss Diamond Hotel
TIME: 10:00

5. Prime Minister Haradinaj hosts Jonathan Nash, chief executive of MCC (Millennium Challenges).
The media can take pictures and after the meeting there will be a press conference.

Government Building
TIME: 16:00

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