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Another IBM meeting takes place in Brussels

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Prishtina, 22 November 2013

The delegation of the Republic of Kosovo headed by Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri stayed in Brussels yesterday to participate in the next meeting on implementation of the Integrated Border Management (IBM) agreement. In this bilateral meeting between the delegation of Kosovo and the EU delegation led by Bernd Thran there was discussion about relevant aspects of implementation of the IBM Agreement. 

Initially, both parties positively assessed the course of the implementation of this agreement, pointing out that European interstate cooperation standards have already been established between Kosovo and Serbia in issues related to integrated management of state border, while there is work ongoing to further advance this cooperation.

To this end, the EU party confirmed that on 25 November 2013 the European system of electronic data exchange system will be launched with regards to excise goods between customs authorities of Kosovo and Serbia, aiming at increasing of customs control and preventing of negative phenomena.   

The EU representatives also informed that European Union is committed to having Kosovo include in an equal way in regional initiatives and organizations in line with the Brussels’ agreement on regional cooperation, and special emphasis here were put on the participation in security regional organizations and especially the invitation to Kosovo to participate in the meeting of MARRI organization to be held in December was considered as a step ahead in this direction.

During the meting there was also discussion on other important issues related to the implementation of the IBM agreement and the parties agreed to have the next meeting organized soon.