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Prime Minister Thaçi travelled today to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly Session

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Prishtina, 20.09.2012

Prime Minister Thaçi travelled today to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly Session.
During his visit to New York, apart from following session of the General Assembly, Prime Minister Thaçi will also hold meetings with different leaders from the countries that have not yet recognized the state of Kosovo in order to lobby for new recognitions and in advancing the position of our country in the international arena.

Prime Minister Thaçi will also meet with senators and congressmen in order brief them on the recent developments in the Republic of Kosovo.

During this visit, Prime Minister Thaçi will meet with leaders in the business community in informing them with the legislative reforms that have taken place in order to facilitate investments and making business in Kosovo.
Prime Minister will also brief them of the great potential to invest in the sectors of energy, mining, agriculture and other relevant sectors for the Republic of Kosovo.

20.09.2012 18:51

Daily Schedule

20 November 2017

 During the visit of the American Congressman in Kosovo Eliot Engel, the following events are foreseen:
1.Homage to the Memorial of the Jewish victims in Kosovo.

PLACE: Courtyard of Government of Kosovo
TIME: 07:45

2. The solemn meeting of the Government.
The media can take pictures and attend the solemn meeting from the Press Center.

Government Building
TIME: 08:00

3. Joint press conference of Prime Minister Haradinaj and Congressman Engel.

PLACE: Government Building
TIME: 09:00

4. Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj attends the conference on launching the Millennium Challenges Foundation in Kosovo.

PLACE: Swiss Diamond Hotel
TIME: 10:00

5. Prime Minister Haradinaj hosts Jonathan Nash, chief executive of MCC (Millennium Challenges).
The media can take pictures and after the meeting there will be a press conference.

Government Building
TIME: 16:00

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