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Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri received in a meeting the delegation of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Mr. Bjorn Lyrvall, General Political Director.

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Prishtina, 09.02.2012

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo, Mrs. Edita Tahiri received in a meeting the Swedish delegation led by Mr. Bjorn Lyrvall, General Political Director in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegation had following composition: Mr. Torbjörn Sohlström, Chief of Cabinet of Minister Carl Bildt, Mr. Lars Wahlund, non-resident ambassador to Kosovo, and Mrs. Iingrid Johansson, Charge D’Affaires to the Swedish Embassy in Prishtina.

Initially, Mrs. Tahiri expresses her pleasure of the frequent meetings between the two countries by asserting that the bilateral agreements between the Republic of Kosovo and the Kingdom of Sweden are noting new advancements. Mrs. Tahiri also appreciated the Swedish state’s support provided for Kosovo’s journey toward the Euro-Atlantic integration and thanked them for the support in having a clear European perspective confirmed in the decisions of the European Council in Brussels last December.

Deputy Prime Minister Tahiri stated that Kosovo has made substantial progress in state building and concluding the international supervision of the independence during this year and this is a international recognition for the successes of the Government of Kosovo. In these frames, she reaffirmed the commitment in increasing the welfare of all citizens and spoke of the engagements for the integration of Serbian citizens of the north in accordance with the Constitution and the Ahtisaari plan.

A part of the conversation addresses the technical dialogue where DPM Tahiri confirmed that Kosovo has met all its obligations for this process and remains engaged for new results. However, on the other hand, she also expressed her concerns on Serbia’s non-compliance stating that the ongoing barricades in the north and Serbia’s illegal political intrusions and very serious obstacles for the perspectives of the dialogue and which deserve a greater attention from the European Union and of Sweden in particular. EU’s conditions on Serbia are clear but there is an non-clarity or lack of will from Serbia’s part in complying with these conditions, she stated, and requested that pressure on Serbia would increase in order to implement the agreements reached and on the good neighbourly relations with Serbia.

The Swedish diplomat, Bjorn Lyrvall re-emphasised the Swedish powerful support for Kosovo’s integration into the European Union and promised to continue supporting Kosovo on its journey of European reforms. He appreciated the commencement of visa liberalization dialogue for Kosovo as well as the establishment of contractual relations with the EU and added that Kosovo’s constructive engagement in the technical dialogue is an indicator for Kosovo’s European behaviour as a new country. Mr. Lyrvall also considered as very important the pushing forward of this dialogue by noting that the full implementation of agreements reached and the agreement of the regional representation is an obligation for both parties. He noted that Sweden in particular is carefully following Serbia’s implementation of the EU conditions in the light of reviewing Serbia’s candidacy by assessing that in this meeting he had obtained relevant information on the stagnation of the agreements’ implementation.

In conclusion, both parties agreed for further strengthen relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Sweden which serve both Kosovo’s and the region’s Euro-Atlantic future. 

09.02.2012 14:30