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Media statement of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo

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Prishtina, 14 December 2010

Today, in the daily newspaper, “The Guardian” an article was published based on a report by a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Dick Marty, which is a continuation of a series of reports published over the last 12 years, aimed at defiling the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army and its leaders.

The claims published in “The Guardian” have been investigated a number of times by local and international legal bodies and in all cases, it was concluded that these claims were not based in fact but rather constructed with the intention of damaging Kosovo’s image and the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Furthermore, it is unacceptable that the fabrications of a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe be presented as the opinions of this institution, which is not associated with the cited report.

It is clear that someone wants to obstruct Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi after parliamentary elections, in which the citizens of Kosovo, clearly and massively put their trust in him to continue his program for developing and governing our country.

Such low and bizarre acts, from people without any moral credibility, are only in the service of specific circles which do not want the best for Kosovo and its citizens.

It is known widely amongst local and international opinion that Dick Marty from the
beginning was prejudiced and decided, without being based on any fact or argument, to report in favour of the position expressed by his colleague and friend Carla Del Ponte and the Government and politicians of the Republic of Serbia.

But publishing such prejudiced and denouncing claims, without any basis in fact or argument is contrary to the professional ethics that “The Guardian” newspaper should maintain.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo and Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi will undertake all steps and actions necessary to oppose the claims of Dick Marty, including all legal and political paths.

The citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and wider international opinion will not believe the ill-intentioned fabrications of those who oppose the independence and sovereignty of our country and in absolutely no way, will they allow hooligans to defile the pure war of the Kosovo Liberation Army and the sacrifice of all the citizens of our country.

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo calls on all member states of the Council of Europe to strongly oppose this fabricated and tendentious report and to not join the side of those who at all costs want to obstruct the stability, progress and good governance of the Republic of Kosovo.

14.12.2010 19:29