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Government of the Republic of Kosovo held its regular session

17.09.2014 - Government of the Republic of Kosovo, chaired by Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, held its regular session adopting several decisions and other documents from the fields deriving from Constitutional and legal responsibilities.more

Office of Public Information of the Prime Minister of Kosovo organizes its first regional conference: Freedom of Information - Practice Development in Western Balkans region

18.09.2014 - Representatives dealing with freedom of information and protection of personal data in the Western Balkans countries, the Regional Conference: Freedom of Public Information - Practice Development in the Western Balkans region, agreed that: The need for cooperation and exchange of experiences is necessary in order to advance the realization of the right to freedom of information; Knowing that the right to public information is a fundamental human right, we are committed to its full implementation; It is necessary to launch the application of EC Directive nr.2013 / 37 / EU on the re-use of public sector information; Practices of the region prove that the body which monitors the implementation of laws on freedom of public information should be independent and with executive powers; Cooperation in the field of freedom of public information will continue intensively in the futuremore

Agreement and action plan for energy between Kosovo and Serbia has been reached

18.09.2014 - Today, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Edita Tahiri, held a press conference. In a meeting with journalists she informed on...


Government of the Republic of Kosovo imposes sanctions on Russian Federation

17.09.2014 - At today's meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has been approved the decision to impose sanctions on Russian Federation. The decision...


In Brussels dialogue advanced steps were set in the field of energy and free movement

17.09.2014 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo and chief negotiator for implementation of Brussels dialogue, Ms. Edita Tahiri after meetings held...