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Prime Minister's Biography - Isa Mustafa

Isa Mustafa, born on 15 May 1951 in Prapashticë, Municipality of Prishtina; married to Qevsere Mustafa; has a daughter, Afërditë and two sons, Arben and Besnik. He lives in Prishtina since 1956.
Mr. Mustafa finished doctoral studies in economic sciences; he is a regular professor at the University of Prishtina and a regular member of the Kosovo Academy for Science and Arts.
Mr. Mustafa served as a Mayor of Prishtina for two mandates, during the period 2008 – 2013, whilst during the period 2006 – 2008 he was a senior adviser for economy to the President of Kosovo.

After the war he worked as a professor at the University of Prishtina, he was a deputy president of the Development Research Institute Riinvest, member of the University of Prishtina Board, member of the Central Bank Board and a member of the American University Board. He published a large number of scientific and professional papers in the country and in international magazines in the field of financial management, microeconomics, leadership in economy, fiscal policies and sectorial development policies.
In 1990 he was prosecuted by the Serbian authorities and in exile he was the Minister for Economy and Finance in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which operated in western states up to the liberation of the country in 1999. In the role of the Finance Minister he organized a system to finance education and plural institutions of Kosovo, headed by President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, which were resisting the Serbian authorities.
Before this period, Mr. Mustafa worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economy in the University of Prishtina, for four years he managed the Executive Council of the Municipality of Prishtina and for approximately three years he was the Director of the Kosovo Development Institute.
In November 2010 he was elected for the President of the Democratic League of Kosovo. In this capacity he provided special contribution to the reform and membership of the LDK to the family of European People’s Part, the EPP.
On 9 December 2014 he was elected for the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, based on the governing coalition between the Democratic Party of Kosovo – PDK and the Democratic League of Kosovo - LDK.