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Prime Minister Mustafa expresses determination of the Government to fully implement the legality and constitutionality

18.01.2017 - At the Government meeting, Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, has expressed the Government's determination to implement fully and without hesitation the legality and constitutionality in the country. Prime Minister Mustafa also reiterated his call for the political representatives of the Kosovo Serbs, to return to the Republic of Kosovo institutions, the Government and the Parliament and to work together for the future of Kosovo citizens without distinction. The Prime Minister said that the government is committed to dialogue and to implement the agreements of the dialogue.more

Minister Edita Tahiri hosted EULEX chief, Alexandra Papadopoulou

19.01.2017 - Minister for dialogue Edita Tahiri hosted the Head of Mission of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), Alexandra Papadopoulou, with whom she discussed cooperation between Kosovo institutions with EULEX, with particular emphasis on the role of EULEX -it for the implementation of the Brussels agreements.more

The Government of Kosovo held its regular meeting

18.01.2017 - The Government of the Republic of Kosovo has held its 128th regular meeting led by Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, whereby it approved decisions in the...


Press Release

18.01.2017 - Addressing the issue of marking the boundary between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Montenegro, it is of paramount importance for Kosovo,...


Prime Minister Mustafa: ATK for 17 years made major contributions to the development of the country

17.01.2017 - Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, took part in the ceremony marking the 17th anniversary of the Kosovo Tax Administration. Prime...